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To grow a flower blown away in the wind

Mother, Mother

yes, I have left with the wind.

I don’t mean to break your heart,

only for you to see the strength

you have planted within me to pursue a garden of my own.

You must see the world from my perspective, as I float

to see the beauty of humanity,

to feel the gentle touch of the clouds.

So different from the garden,

but with an astoundingly similar peace.

Nothing but love, you have grown me like a flower,

beautiful and tall I stand ready to face the wild. 

It must’ve taken patience

to wait for me to blossom.

Oh, gardener, thank you for the water and the sunshine and the love. 

You must be proud of me.

As I am proud of who you’ve raised me to be. 

Yes, I have grown. Yes, I have

blown away in the wind of the soul 

that abides so presently within.

Don’t cry for the petals that have fallen,

don’t fear for the thorns that have grown,

embrace the silent beauty of 

your energy that remains within the stem of my being.

I know you wanted me to be a lily,

is a rose not just as beautiful?

Oh, gardener, thank you for the water and the sunshine and the love.

I’m proud to be a rose, Mother.

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