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Natural Beauty - Mindset or Movement?

What a phrase, “natural beauty”; it’s full of questions. What makes something naturally beautiful? How can I embrace my natural beauty?

Natural beauty is you. Simple as that. How you are... naturally. You are beautiful and it’s your mindset and self love that allows others to see the light shining from within you; the light that uplifts others while being secure with yourself.

This message is being spread so strongly in society these days in order to defy the beauty standards that seem impossible for some to fit and promote self love and positivity. But this approach to encourage others into seeing their natural beauty is beginning to make it feel like just a movement to rebel against society and its teachings.

Influencers and models alike are pushing the accurate message that everyone is naturally beautiful. These incredible and bold people are posting photos free of makeup and showing their unfiltered bodies while giving a big speech about how they are “naturally”, and how they came to find self love. They encourage others to continue along the journey and see their true beauty.

If this is being presented so much in society now, why is still hard for us to see how beautiful we truly are?

Because over the years, the media has played a large role in teaching its audience how to “perfect themselves” by presenting altered realities of the people we look up to. But crafting this model of a man or woman that reaches the level we deem beautiful dates back farther than we realize. So it’s no wonder that the courageous acts to show the side that may not be up to societies beauty standards and lift up others in the process of sharing inspiring stories, don’t seem like enough to get past the impossible ideals that have been engraved in our minds from before we were born.

In a way, I am doing exactly what other influencers are doing. I am posting myself “exposed”. Free of makeup, filters, alterations. However instead of sharing my journey to self love and acceptance, I am sharing with you how to make “natural beauty” more than just a movement.

Be gentle with yourself and take the time you need. It is a process to accept others and ourselves as we are. So while it is easy to want to jump straight to the opposite teachings of society, slowly lead into it, give yourself time to heal. Don’t rush into punishing yourself for not immediately thinking everything about you is perfect. Blemishes, fat rolls, scars, stretch marks and every other insecurity you have doesn’t have to be beautiful right away.

You can see the blemishes on my skin... or the bags under my eyes. In fact, you can point out imperfects on anyone in an instant. Instead of thinking of these as something that you or anyone else needs to “fix”, challenge yourself to view them as nothing.

These features of yours are as naturally you as your arm or neck. The hidden insecurities of your friends are simply part of them and have no need to be drawn out in negative light.

Women and men are encouraged to build each other up, I have seen it all over the world. But no matter how many kind and uplifting comments you get, it’s hard not to focus on the one small judgment that was made.

Say a thin woman posts a photo on social media and explains her insecurities concerning her body... It is so easy to think, Where are her fat rolls? She isn’t bloated at all! How dare she think that her body isn’t perfect... because look at other people! This is an extremely judgmental comparison; aren’t we trying to put an end to that? No matter the body, you do not feel the insecurities or uncomfortableness that he or she does about themselves. End the comparisons completely. You do not have the right to tell someone they aren’t allowed to feel insecure because other people wish they had what they have; just as people don’t have the right to say it to you. Instead, encourage others to see their natural beauty in a positive way and support them to reach their goals.

To make natural beauty a mindset and a reality instead of just a movement, eliminate those negative comments about someone from your mouth. Instead shine the light of your natural beauty onto others as you build them up and spread positivity and love.

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