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Alice Sabrina: Art that Sparks Memories

18 year old, Alice Sanabria, knew she was an artist since she could remember. Her love for art begins with the doodling on her paper, to drawing on the walls, and formed into the paintings she is creating now. “I never really started painting until I moved [to Las Vegas], which was 6 years ago, maybe, and my mom for fun got me canvases and paints. In the beginning, it wasn’t always the best, but I started sketching and painting and after I got the

hang of it I started doing more and more. It’s just a thing that relaxes me. Whenever I’m stressed or something I just do that, and I can do it for the whole day. The whole day could pass and I’d still be doing it. Painting is a way that I can express my feelings with something.”

What’s been your biggest struggle in making your art?

“Probably getting myself out there... I have the Instagram page [@Arts.By.Alice] but that’s the only thing I have besides word of mouth. Me, personally, telling people about it, you know, there’s people that just forget about it. I try to tell my mom, ‘Tell your people at work’, but there’s a lot of other business that I follow online that are super helpful that post my things when I make something new. A lot of my friends, too, have bought pieces from me. That’s probably been one of the biggest struggles... getting myself out there. I’m a really shy person so I don’t go up to people like ‘I have a business’ unless someone asks me or it’s in the topic that we are talking about. I don’t really mention it.”

What are some of your future goals as an artist?

“Be more open on what I paint on learning how to do more too because right now I just sketch it out and then do it, but its more cartoon like of what I do it's not super realistic. I want to be more realistic, so more shadowing and shading and darker colors and lighter colors and real.”

Where do you find inspiration?

“The beach mostly, I try to like my paintings are mostly sunsets and beaches because I just love the color scheme they have. They can just be so different... I pick different beaches around the world and I try to base it on that.”

“[Specifically], the beach that my parents always took me to when I was a kid and the water is super clear, like dead clear; you can see like the fish in there it’s so clear... so that has to be one of my favorites and I haven’t gone there in probably 12 or 15 years... Those memories that stick with you as a kid. I don’t remember much but I remember that. It was just so

beautiful. My grandma would always go; it was so fun. I guess that’s where most my inspiration comes from because I was born on an island so I was always surrounded by palm trees; the breeze from the ocean, that’s where my inspiration comes from.”

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